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Stu Woodings

Although Stu Woodings is a new comer to comedy he won his very first Gong Show, hosted by Spiky Mike, followed by another Gong show at the Comedy cow just a few weeks later.

Within his first year he then went on to win CAN Comedy New Comedian 2015, and Hot Water Comedy New Comedian 2015.

He has a solid 9 minutes of material that will bring the house down. However his 10 is awful. UPDATED. Since writing this, he now has 15 minutes of material that has been circuit tested, and delivers consistently on the jolly-o'meter. However his 10 remains awful. If anything, it's worse now.

With his unique style of comedy he is often called the second funniest computer programmer from Derby. Personable, cheeky, slightly confused. Hear tales of how he got into doing hardcore fags in his band - Emulsions, or how is granddad was tragically killed whilst Zorbing.

1st year
Gong show winner: Derby Bar One
Gong show winner. Milton Keynes Comedy Cow
Winner: CAN Comedy New Comedian 2015
Winner: Hot Water Comedy New Comedian 2015

A natural on stage, and instantly liked by the crowd. Hot Water Comedy

Charming, lovable, master of the misdirection, and very very funny. Caffine and Comedy. LACE.

Garlic Bread. Lee Mack