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Graham Parker

Back in 1979, the same year that McDonald’s introduced the happy meal, a young pre-teenage comic by the name of Graham Parker was collecting jokes. The majority were rescued from copies of old newspapers that his Dad kept in the shed to line his Sister’s rabbit cage – which is quite frankly where the jokes should have stayed. When he had 100, he sent them into the local paper, to try and win the joke of the week and a £1 cash prize. Graham had his fingers crossed that the editor would forget that they’d already been published. Perhaps he did, or perhaps he just didn’t care, because the next thing that happened was a journalist arrived. And there was a full page article about him, his sister and all his sister’s pets including the rabbits. But as we all know, stealing jokes is very bad karma and a series of life events kept him away from his destiny for more than 3 decades!

Now nearly forty years on, Graham has learnt not to steal jokes and is very slowly weaving some original material. His hobbies include mansplaining and riding around in an Uber– often at the same time.

Is there still time to achieve his ambition, an honest living from original jokes? Only time will tell.

To see his last showcase: http://www.grahamparker.me/?p=287

Graham has performed his stand up at: The Wilmington Arms, The Wenlock and Essex, the Jenny Lind at the Hastings Fringe 2018. He’s compered at the Abbey Pub and will be playing at Downstairs at the Kings Head, January 10th 2019.