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Stuart Walton

Stuart was brought up on comedy from an early age.  Surrounded by his Dad’s videos and audio tapes of classic sitcoms and stand up routines he craved a bigger bedroom.  He caught the performance bug in school plays and has always felt comfortable on a stage.  At college he was given 2 weeks to write and prepare some comedy sketches for a dance show that had proven to be too short.  He still doesn’t know what comedy has to do with dance. 

While at uni several people told him he should try stand up, but he didn’t get round to it until a former comedy promoter turned teaching assistant told him where he could try out.  So it was on the 5th April 2007 that he made his debut at the Hollybush in Cradley Heath, in a 5 minute set where he told two stories and got a really nice response.  He was subsequently asked to return and has played that venue several times, including being asked to perform at the 2007 End of the Year Christmas Special. 

Stuart played gigs around the country in places like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and yes, even Reading, but he found that he wasn’t enjoying it as much as he thought he would.  A year after his debut, he retired claiming he didn’t think he was “funny enough in the right way.”  He kept in touch with a few comedy contacts and was eventually wooed back to the stage in January of 2010.  Since then he has performed in Melbourne (while on holiday) and has been reinvigorated, writing more material than he can shake a stick at. 

He is determined to make 2010 a year to remember as far as his comedy and is pulling out all the stops to promote himself as widely as possible.  He is a story-telling, observational comedian with a fondness for puns.  Some call him the man of 1004 jokes, others just call him Stuart.

Selected venues played:
Hollybush, Cradley Heath
Varsity, Wolverhampton (Yam Laughing)
Speakeasy Hatherton
Speakeasy Bridgnorth (including MC work)
Rawhide Raw, Liverpool
Mother Macs, Manchester
Death Star Canteen, Melbourne

“LOL” – assorted twitter followers

“Beautifully written material” – Rich Wall

“One of Melbourne’s up and coming comedians” – Nick Cody

“He won’t tell you this, but he’s also a fantastic jazz musician.  But he doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet” – Jools Holland