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Ian Lane

IAN LANE is an autistic, multimedia-based performer whose act has been summarised by One4Review as “friendly absurdism, delivered in a recogniseable stand-up style”. His set draws upon venerable visual gags, absurdist autobiography and obtuse one-liners, all delivered in a manner once described as "like an evil Joel Dommett" (Luke Benson).

A London-based comic, he has reached the final of the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Of The Year competition, twice made the semi-finals of the BBC Radio New Comedy Award (as broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 4Extra), won/survived numerous gong shows ('King Gong; Beat The Frog; Up The Creek's The Blackout), and performed three full length shows - "Paperweight", "Bodily" and "ALOOF!" - at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as at various other comedy festivals up and down the country.

Promoters and clubs that he has gigged for and/or is currently booked for include:
XS Malarkey (opening 20s)
Poodle Club (opening 20s)
Comedy Crate, Northampton (opening 20s)
Phil Kay (Six Rhythms Comedy - opening 20s)
Pulp Comedy (opening 20s/paid MCing)
Happy Shark, Luton/St Albans (middle 20s)
Old Brewery Store, Faversham (opening 30s)
Smirk Experience, Bromley (opening 20s)
Much Laughter, Kent (opening 20s)
Comedy Seaford (opening 20s)
Downstairs At The King's Head (Saturday 15s)
Crack Comedy (paid middle 15s)
Glee Club (weekend opens)
Up The Creek (weekend opens)
Just The Tonic (weekend opens)
Manford’s Comedy Club (weekend opens)
Backyard Comedy Club (weekend opens)
The Comedy Store, Manchester (Thursday opens)
Frog & Bucket (Thursday opens)

Ian is able to work clean, and is available for 20 minute sets. He is also preparing for his fourth hour-long solo show, "How To Get Up In The Morning", for several festivals in 2022, and is available for preview spots between 45-60 mins in length. He is able to provide his own projector and screen for gigs where necessary.

Outside of comedy, Ian also DJs under the name CynicTheClown, and he live streams DJ sets and video game speedruns on Twitch under the name RuffledBricks. As a speedrunner, he has held world record times in several games (including Jet Set Willy, Worms Armageddon and Lemmings Paintball), and has performed in several speedrun marathons for charity, both as a runner and as a host.

RuffledBricks: https://www.twitch.tv/ruffledbricks

CynicTheClown: https://soundcloud.com/centaclowns

“Inventive, cliche-phobic comedy that makes a strong impression for its creativity...the hit rate is high for a comedian who doesn’t seek sanctuary in the safety of the familiar.” Steve Bennett, Chortle

"He’s got the perfect stage presence to match the kind of comedy he does (utterly self-confident; kinda kooky) and an eye for the silly and incongruous. His visual aids are exquisite works of comedic gold...Also delightful is his use of the call-back because he doesn’t really do simple referencing, rather he reworks and expands to create material which is robust and funny in its own right." Laura Baigrie, One4Review
"...a very well judged set that was pitched perfectly to the audience...extremely good." Peter Fox, NottsComedyReview

"Ian Lane is a breath of fresh air within the new acts I have seen. Original, excellent jokes and a cracking comedy brain. If he keeps working hard, he'll be a full time comedian coming to take your job." Maff Brown, Outside the Box Comedy

"...his material is strong... with some unexpected punchlines in the back pocket." Paul Fleckney, London Is Funny

"Ian Lane is an exciting new comedian doing inventive, unique routines which sync perfectly with his logical and methodical voice. I've seen him charm tame audiences with his tightly scripted flights of fancy and tackle rowdy rooms with the confident sea legs of someone who clearly lives to gig. He is an irresistibly bookable alternative comedian." Bobby Carroll, Comedy Knights

FINALIST - Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Of The Year 2014
SEMI-FINALIST - BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2016 and 2014
FINALIST - Foster's South Coast Comedian Of The Year 2015
FINALIST - 'King Gong at The Comedy Store, London (May 2015)
WINNER - Comedy Cafe New Act Night (August 2014, July 2013)
WINNER - Beat The Frog at Manchester Frog & Bucket (December 2014)
WINNER - The Blackout at Up The Creek (January 2016, May 2015, October 2014)
FINALIST - Reading Comedy Festival New Act Of The Year 2014
FINALIST - Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian Of 2013
WINNER - Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize 2013
WINNER - Laughing Horse Brighton Fringe New Act Competition 2013
3RD PLACE - The Gareth Morinan Alternative New Act Of The Year Award 2014