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Anti-Duhring Battalion

" ...a fantastic comic – good material (especially his brand new comic act) and great with the crowd."

'The Nog Inn Comedy Club' - Wincanton

Anti-Duhring Battalion is a very original character comedian. He exploded onto the scene just over a year ago. He has his own comedy Radio Show on London Hott Radio. "The Anti-Duhring Battalion Radio Show" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cXEPhMo0eA He gigs all over the country for Mirth Control and others. He's headlined at the Thatcher Years Festival at Rich Mix in Shoreditch and at the Canal Theatre in Little Venice for 'International Womens Day'.

He performs a number of different acts, most recently 'Anti-Duhring Battalions 'Triptych' which consists of three different acts, on three consecutive nights, in three different venues.

In his constant quest to find new audiences he also performs 'guerrilla comedy', ie: comedy in non-comedy venues, including on one occasion a Catholic Church (yowser!)

He is a Northern comic who lives in London. He describes his act as a synthesis between Andy Kaufman, Simon Munnery and Bernard Manning.

"Anti-Duhring is hilarious. The audience totally loved it. Go and see him! You can only really appreciate him live!"

Comedia-Del Rebel.