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The Antics

Improv Comedy Troupe

“Hilarious, Very Witty and Wonderfully Daft” – Sheffield Star

“Very Funny” – Three Weeks       

“Anything could happen” – Exposed

“Genuine LOL” – Broadway Baby

Whether it’s telling a side-splitting story, or impersonating your favourite celebrity, The Antics build an action-packed, laugh-a-minute show completely based on your suggestions. With all your favourite improvised games, as well as some you’ve never seen, The Antics are sure to have you in stitches.

Watch the performers squirm as they shift from Museum Curators, to the finest foreign experts, all with ridiculously random results. But don’t get too comfortable, because they could suddenly be asking you to help out. A show this packed with musical madness, alphabetical absurdity, and the occasional painful pun (sorry!), cannot afford to be missed.

The Antics were first inspired by other improvised comedy groups and shows such as ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, and having developed their own unique style, they soon started to attract a loyal student fan base. They have taken their hometown of Sheffield by storm, and performed at some fantastic festivals across the UK. These fresh, exciting comedians now hold monthly shows at Sheffield Hallam’s Student Union attracting hundreds of people.

Following impressive shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010 and 2011, The Antics have gone on to perform in some of Sheffield’s top venues, and gain praise from the city’s leading entertainment magazine; Exposed.
Their shows consist of a mix of improvised comedy favourites, such as The Alphabet Game and Irish Drinking Songs, and their own developments such as Amuseum and Countdown. There are a variety of different styles of performers on show, each with their own strengths and delivery, from the wordsmith to the live-wire. One thing is for certain, no matter who is on-stage, there is one member of the cast The Antics cannot live without; their audience. Prepare to think outside the box as this comedy group thrive on the bizarre, and take you on a hilarious journey inside your own head.

Live comedy including:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 – Fringing on the Ridiculous, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011 – Premature Ejokeulation – Esquire Magazine’s “Worst Named Show of the Fringe”, Y Not Festival, Runner up of Sheffield’s “So You Think You Can Perform 2010”, Monthly Residency in Sheffield, Various comedy nights up and down the country.

“Must see….absolutely hilarious” - LoveFringe
‘Hilarious and filled with inspiring depravity.’ SU Comedy Revue

‘Their show is a series of games that take ‘Just A Minute’ or ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ to their logical extremes. The fact that truly anything could happen next is enough to keep you engaged and ensures you’re never bored.’ Rob Cooke, Exposed Magazine