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Phil Jerrod

“The most original new comedian I've seen in ages” - Adam Bloom

“Certainly one to keep an eye on. His tortured ramblings about being white and middle-class run on like the nightmare I imagine it isn’t and made me genuinely laugh out loud” - The Brighton Argus

"Jerrod informs us, deadpan, that he's the most boring man he knows, then riffs off into a fantastic set of perfectly delivered, perfectly timed and perfectly glorious comedy." BROADWAY BABY

'Excellent new and original act with a strong comedic voice kicking against the pricks. Wonderful to see a newbie so connected to their material.” - Sam Stone (promoter for The Laughtermarket, Comedy Sans Frontieres and Comedy Kicks).

Phil Jerrod is a Brighton based comedian. He has been performing stand-up regularly since early 2012 and in that short time has built up a reputation as having one of the biggest beards in stand-up comedy.

“His satirical take on of the world and his observations of those who judge him on looks are a breath of fresh air. His delivery is fast, precise and his interaction with the audience is that of someone who wants and needs us to understand” – Rob Blonde (promoter for Hecklers Delite, Brighton).

"Phil Jerrod. What an extremely funny man. His unique style makes it impossible not to laugh out loud. It's always a joy to have him on the bill" - Charmaine Davies (promoter for The Comedy Cavern and The Engineer Comedy, Brighton).

"Phil Jerrod is a man whose name is written in lights somewhere in the near future." - Nathan Kail (co-founder of Giraffe Comedy Magazine).

“The only way to stop Phil Jerrod is with Jerrodite, fragments of his doomed home planet. If you're on after him at a gig be sure to wear an amulet fashioned from it.”  - Dan Fardell (comedian).