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Michal Grobelny

Born in Poland.

Brought up in America (5yrs). Also brought up in Australia for (16yrs).

Mainly Australian then. However, if you want to do a puff piece on how well Poles have integrated into British society then we can ignore the other ones.

First comedy moment: Grade 1, referred to American hero Johnny Apple Seed as Johnny "Pooper" Seed. Was ejected from the classroom.

Michal has been performing stand-up and sketch comedy for the past 4 years. In that time he has performed solo shows at the Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

Michal’s performances are free-form by nature, and adlib plays a large part, although London is slowly strangling that out of him. He don't mind though. (I'm writing this, let's not pretend).

I... sorry... Michal has presented stuff/performed on community radio + television in Melbourne - if it matters any.

Here are some legitimate quotes from obscure Australian publications of 2004 vintage:

“The unpredictable spontaneity of master improviser Michal Grobelny… makes it the most worthwhile comedy experience on offer” – Beat Magazine, 2004

“Highly enjoyable rapid-fire stream of consciousness… spontaneous, bizarre and hilarious” – Fairfax Digital, 2004

"...A slick performer…star of the future..." – Chas Licciardello, The Chaser, April 2004

So, it seems there's been no press coverage for nearly 4 years. I don't mean to pick flaws, but it suggests this guy fell into a huge hole somewhere along the line. Anyway. That's it.