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Ashley Frieze

Ashley Frieze has been performing on the UK stand-up comedy circuit since the beginning of 2003. In that time he has performed across much of the UK, as far north as the Highlands of Scotland and as far south as Penzance. Ashley has appeared extensively at clubs in the North and Scotland. Now based in the South East, he is bringing his comedy to a new audience.

While many guitar-based acts use their musical skills to show off to an audience, Ashley has a unique angle. He cannot play the guitar that well. To distract from his mediocre musicianship, his songs are full of jokes and wordplay. With an infectiously joyous style of delivery and a collection of ludicrous tips and observations, Ashley's self-effacing manner on stage quickly brings an audience to a state of merriment and then keeps them there.

Ashley has recently been developing the non-musical side of his act and has acted as resident MC for a couple of clubs.


Laughing Horse Free Fringe @ Canons' Gait - The Great Big Comedy Picnic - **** Three Weeks

  • Laughing Horse Free Fringe  - Late Show and Pick of Fringe.

Laughing Horse Free Fringe @ Canons' Gait - The Great Big Comedy Picnic - *** Three Weeks

  • Nicol Edwards - Adult Comedy Show
  • Laughing Horse @ Lindsay's - Laughing Horse Free Pick of the Fringe and Late Show


  • Smirnoff Underbelly - The Musical! - **** Three Weeks, **** British Theatre Guide, *** The Scotsman
  • Nicol Edwards - When Hedges Attack
  • Cowgate Central - Searching for Harry
  • Nicol Edwards - Capital Comedy Late Show

  • The Lighthouse, Leith - Late show

"His 'Emopop' take-off of the Coldplay/Travis zombification of music was hilarious." Teesonline

"Controlled bursts of energy" Pure Space

"Walking on stage with guitar in hand, Ashley Frieze's overly tight trousers aid him in his soprano comedic songs." Karen Slater, BBC Tees

"He's a large, rather camp, presence" Last Laugh Comedy Club

"Certainly knew how to raise the big laughs" Edinburgh Evening News