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William Stone

William Stone is gathering moss. Stuck somewhere between reality and dreams in the nineties, he navigates his way through life with one-liners that highlight the absurdity of the mundane.

Performed at/performing at :

Backyard Comedy Club
Crawley Comedy Club
Alternative Comedian Memorial Society.
Angel Comedy
Downstairs at the Dove.
Sam Rhode's Comedy Explosion.
Goat Comedy: The Cruise
Gittins To Know You.

Competitions :

Semi Finalist - South Coast Comedian of the year 2017
Quarter Finalist - Leicester Square Theatre New Act Competition 2016
Semi Finalist - Leicester Square Theatre New Act Competition 2017

Quote :

"astute, erudite, observational comedy" - Voice Mag, May 2017
"He's got more dry lines than a fishing shop in the sahara" - House of Idiot

Links :

10 minute set at Backyard Comedy Club