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Russell Roberts


Hi. I’m Russell Roberts. You’ve probably heard of me before? I am AUSTRALIA’S leading and most popular “FILL IN” presenter for Radio and Television Personalities covering holiday, sickness, paternity or maternity leave. I was an Anchor for one of Australia’s most loved Morning Television programmes and was more recently a Queensland based Disaster Correspondent for “Good Morning Sunshine” on the Gold Coast. Due to some UNFORTUNATE professional errors, I am now in the UK to RE-LAUNCH my media career to the Antipodean ex-pat community or to WHOEVER will watch and listen. If all else fails, I will use my voice in the form of SINGING to fall back on. I suppose you could say that this additional talent of mine, is largely thanks to sharing the same singing teacher that made Mr Keith Urban an extremely talented music sensation. My list of MEDIA related achievements are FAR TOO MANY to mention and so all you really need to know is that I’m good – VERY good.

Russell is a fictional character, that is egotistical and a slightly naïve media personality, obsessed with image. He is a newly fired TV personality from Australia, keen to re-launch his Radio & TV career in the UK whilst delivering a parody of news presenting, chat show hosts and lounge singing to a celebrity obsessed society. His Agent/Manager is a control freak, desperately trying to re-invigorate Russell’s failing media career and is increasingly pushing for him to sing his way into the heart of the British public.

Russell adds a "showbiz" feel to each and every appearance and a strong sense of immediacy is present from start to finish with "good feel" singing thrown in for maximum effect. Russell will perform in any venue including comedy clubs, theatrical venues, private parties as well as corporate and community events.