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The Reverend Ravi Holy

You might have seen Ravi on The One Show when he performed in an ‘interdenominational stand-up stand-off’ judged by the Inbetweeners – which he won.

He did his first paid gig within nine months of his comedy debut but, as he says, “I’ve been writing and delivering ten minutes of new material every week since I got ordained in 2005”.

While his act is basically completely clean (obviously!) he likes to be as edgy as he can and his set covers all the topics you’re not supposed to talk about at dinner parties: race, class and of course, religion.

If a half-Indian, Old Etonian, former drug addict, Satanist and private investigator who used to sing in a punk band and is now a priest in the Church of England sounds funny to you, Ravi’s your man.

"Ravi's stage presence and natural humour was immediate proof to me that comedy is one of his higher callings. For such a new act, his charisma and professionalism blew me away." Bec Hill

"Ravi Holy is continually impressive and consistently gets booms of laughter from his persona and well-crafted jokes . A great act for any bill. Highly recommended." Matt Hoss (Promoter, Toys In The Attic Comedy Club)