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Peter Bazely

"Distinctive stuff...” Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke

2015 MCA and Golden Jester Finalist. Stand-up Comedian, Musical Genius and Urbane Spoken Word Poet; Peter Bazely is currently alive and residing in London. As well as curating and compering a Stand-up Comedy show in the illustrious Westend (Phoenix Artists Club); Peter also puts on shows in Kingston Upon Thames and Edinburgh (Fringe).

Performed at:
Up The Creek, Sunday Service
XS Malarkey
Comedy Store, London / Manchester GONG
Frog and Bucket
Comedy Cafe
Bear Funny

Some experience on air at Radio Jackie

Regular appearances on youtube comedy show 'The Mawaan Show'

“Peter Bazely’s comedy set, fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, was incredibly dry, which was much needed, after heavy rain. This 20-minute set was described as “not so much comedy, more a cry for help”. Bazely Mixed songs, poems, jokes, and a comic twist on evangelism. His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter to those in the Canopy Stage.”

The Church Times
Greenbelt Festival 2015

“The excitement dipped a little when dour Peter Bazely walked on, fringe in his eyes and head down. Bazely had a hint of Joe Wilkinson about him, but was less of a social misfit. Despite being very lo-fi he interacted well with the audience and had a winning unexpected Jehovah’s Witness gag lurking in the middle of his set. Distinctive stuff which earned him joint third place.”

Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke
Judging the 2015 Musical Comedy Awards Final

Musical Comedy Awards Final 2015 – JOINT 3RD

Golden Jesters Final 2015 – JOINT 2ND

Beat the Frog at The Frog and Bucket Manchester feb 2016 – WINNER

Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store Manchester feb 2016

Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store London sept 2015