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Dylan Rhymer

“Politically charged, brutally honest… changing the face of comedy.” -the Georgia Straight

“Too intellectual to sleep with.” -Christine Taylor

Equal parts wild-haired beatnik poet and mad scientist, Dylan Rhymer is one of Vancouver’s boldest voices in political comedy. His shows are a rapid-fire blend of surreal concepts bordering on the disturbing and razor-sharp social commentary which has gained him comparisons to figures as diverse as Jonathan Swift, Bill Hicks and Charlie Chaplin. His comedy is an hilarious mix of scathing indictments of all society’s sacred cows which leaves audiences questioning where they themselves stand while exhausted with laughter. In a typical show he’ll mercilessly skewer topics such as religious zealotry, drug addiction, the abortion debate, the fashion industry, corporate greed, brand-name consumer culture and whatever else falls in the path of his uncanny eye for the ironic. An angry young man with an axe to grind on the teeth of the ignorant, Dylan Rhymer is quickly rising through the ranks as one of North America’s most exciting new voices in comedy.

Dylan started out as a zygote and quickly developed limbs, muscles and a face. Never happy with the status quo, at the tender age of nine months he abandoned the warmth of his mother’s uterus for the cold, harsh outside world and never looked back. For the next two decades he dabbled in bike riding, candy and growth spurts before finding himself inexorably drawn to art school and then inexorably drawn away from it faster than had arrived. He slaved away at a series of soul-crushing, mind numbing jobs that even a trained chimpanzee could have mastered. These years in the service industry built up in him a deep disdain for blind commercialism, manipulative advertising and the minimum wage life that lurks below the surface of consumer culture. This not as much lured but drove him starving and hysterical to the comedy stage at the age of eighteen.

Since then, he has extensively toured Canada, the U.S. and Great Britain. While in the U.K. his standout performances around London gained him invitations to The Comedy Store, The Gilded Balloon and Oxford University. In Canada, he has toured the country, performing at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, Calgary Funnyfest, The Laugh Lounge, the Whistler Comedy Festival and the University of British Columbia’s Laffs at Lunch performance series. He has shared the stage with acts as varying as Zach Galifianakis, Christine Taylor, Doug Stanhope and Mitch Hedberg.

Residing in Vancouver, Canada, he’s the co-creator and frequent headliner at the Laugh Gallery, a weekly multi-media comedy venue featuring stand-up, sketch and short films which has quickly become the hub of the West Coast alternative comedy scene. In 2003, he was featured in the cover story on the rising popularity of alternative comedy in The Georgia Straight, British Columbia’s premier entertainment magazine. He has also been featured in The Courier, the Westender and Terminal City Magazine as well as a regular voice on CBC Radio and CKNW in Vancouver. He is the co-creator and host of Laugh Tracks, a weekly radio broadcast on CiTR 101.9 FM dedicated to showcasing local comedy talent and introducing the best in international comedy to Vancouver listeners. His satirical news parody group Blackout Broadcast is an audience favorite on Canada’s sketch comedy scene having headlined their own show at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival and Vancouver’s popular Sketch In Time comedy fundraiser.

Dylan has acted as head writer on the upcoming comedy series “Wheels of Justice”, as staff writer on the cult favorite “the 888 Happy Lucky Golden All-Nite Market Television Telecast” as well as the animated series “Aargh! It’s the Mr Hell Show!” and the upcoming British animated series “Ramikins”. He has acted as Associate Producer and head comedy writer for the CBC Radio series “The Verge”, and his short films have been featured in numerous festivals worldwide. During his stay in Great Britain his pilot script “Mondopitch” placed as a finalist in Channel 4’s Best New Sitcom competition.

Dylan Rhymer has emerged as a clear and intelligent voice of reason in a world deafened by the constant chattering of ignorant psychobabble. His eye for the ironic and taste for the absurd peppers his observations of the world which we go about our business. He is more than just funny; he is passionate and intelligent, thoughtful and provocative. His comedy is brutally honest and socially relevant. It goes straight for the jugular while nibbling on your earlobe. It thrives on the adage that every tool is weapon if you hold it right.

He currently shares a house with the girl of his dreams and a yard full of skunks and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Creator and head writer on inspirational comedy series depicting the misadventures of a wheelchair bound super hero. · thirteen episodes · series bible

Eight…’ Development work on surreal program involving a 24 hour convenience store which acts as a portal to other dimensions of space and time. · six half-hour episodes · series bible

Broadcast’ News parody series, recorded live

Head comedy writer on topical CBC radio program aimed at young viewers.

Creator, writer and host of weekly variety series.


26 X 11 Minute Animated Series in Development Adult Sitcom series about a shoemaker and a gang of helper elves who like to help themselves. · Two Scripts · Series Bible

26 X 5 Minute Animated Series in
Silly, surreal rhyming stories about naughty kids who get their comeuppance. · Six Scripts

Mr. Hell Show’ Development work on Season Two Sketch writing for possible 2nd season of this award winning series.

13 X 22 Minute Animated Series in Development
Sharp, satirical sitcom series centered around the world of advertising. Pilot script was a finalist in the Channel 4 Sitcom Competition in the U.K.


The Laugh Gallery: Variety Show- 2000-Present
· Produce a weekly comedy show featuring stand-up comedy, sketch, and short film.

Dylan Rhymer: Starving and Hysterical- 1998 - Present
· Series of one-man comedy shows involving confessions, characters and political rants.

The End of Honest Jack- 1999 - 2001
· Producer, writer and performer in sketch comedy trio which performed throughout British Columbia.

Mad Frequin’ Conquistadors - 1997 - 1999
· Creator, writer, and performer of this sketch comedy troupe which played all over London and throughout the U.K. for the ‘Conquer the Old World!’ Tour.

Stand Up Comedy-
1993 - Present
· Have toured extensively throughout Canada and Great Britain, including Yuk Yuk’s, Lafflines, The Comedy Store (U.K.) and Purple Turtle Productions (U.K.) Oxford University, UBC Laffs at Lunch, The Vancouver International Comedy Festival, The Whistler Comedy Festival, Calgary Funnyfest, Sketch in Time Festival


· Fluent in English and French.